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Move In / Out Cleaning

Moving Out and need to get your deposit returned fast. Yes you could save money to complete the clean DIY but it is time consuming and when your trying to move and under high stress – do you really want to then clean for 6-8hrs?

HomeClean have dedicated Move In/Out cleaners that can easily complete your clean in a matter of hours & maximize your rental deposit refund. From a full clean to helping with window cleaning we are here to assist.

We have end of tenancy cleaning teams that can complete your move out clean in one visit. Property managers and landlords understand the importance of having the home professional cleaned on exit and HomeClean will provide a full receipt showing the work completed. With 1000’s of rental exit cleans completed we truly understand what needs to be completed in order to satisfy all managers and landlords.


► Clean and disinfect bathtub/shower

► Clean shower door

► Clean and disinfect sink

► Clean countertops

► Clean and disinfect toilet

► Clean mirrors

► Tidy surfaces

► Clean ceiling fans

► Scrub and disinfect bathroom tile

► Clean cabinets inside and outside

► Clean light switches

► Clean door

► Clean baseboard and floor with extra care

► Paint Stains & Marks Removal

► Sweep/Vacuum and Mop all floors

► Take out the trash


► Clean Microwave (inside and outside)

► Clean Stove

► Clean Refrigerator Inside & Outside

► Clean Dishwasher Inside & Outside

► Clean counter top

► Clean kitchen table

► Clean sink and stainless steel

► Clean Windows (interior) & Windowsills

► Clean Oven (inside) & Stainless steel

► Clean light switches

► Clean baseboards

► Paint Stains & Marks Removal

► Sweep/Vacuum and Mop all floors

► Take out the trash

living room / bedrooms

► Clean Glass surfaces and Mirrors

► Tidy surfaces

► Take out trash

► Clean Windows (interior)

► Clean Light Switches and Outlets

► Clean Door

► Deep Sweep/Vacuum & Mop

► Clean baseboards

► Make the bed (please leave clean bedding on bed if you would like us to change sheets)

► Paint Stains & Marks Removal

► Dust and Polish all furniture

►  Deep Sweep/Vacuum and Mop all floors

we garantee

Our continuous pursuit for perfection has resulted in consistent growth each year. Our focus is to listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide the exceptional level of residential and commercial cleaning services.

If for any reason you aren’t happy with our cleaning services please contact us. We will come back and clean the specific areas that didn’t meet. In case you need a special cleaning service we are happy to fulfill every request in order to exceed your expectations.


► Deliver High Quality and Consistent Services;

► Use Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products;

► Building Relationship with Our Client thru Honesty & Hard work;

► Concentrate our resources on maintaining standards;

► Make you an Extremely Satisfied Customer.

    Any questions? Send us a message to:

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